2019 MPower Men’s Walk

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Well some of the ladies at Church said we were wimps for calling off the 2019 Big Men’s Walk due to rain!!!  Well here is the rescheduled event.  Come on chaps we can do it this time even in rain, snow, tornado or sun!


Oh dear!

Yes it is time to get those walking boots out again for the 2019 epic walk.  This year we are going in and around Hatfield Forest.  On the ‘trial run’ (and yes we will still get lost!) we fed a sheep, spotted wild deer and enjoyed the glorious countryside.

It is 11 miles, a mere walk in the park!  The walk is circular.  The date is Saturday 7th September.  Leaving Life Church at 9:00am and hopefully arriving back by 5:00pm.g855

On route there is one very pleasant National Trust Coffee / Tea Shop (one third of the way round approx) and a pub (two thirds of the way round approx).  At the end refreshments can also be obtained.  Recommend you bring a packed lunch, water and anything you think you need for the weather (sun cream, hat etc. or more likely rainwear and wellie boots (only joking on the latter).

We are starting at Hatfield Broad Oak (North of the junction between Feathers Hill and Cage End CM22 7HD) where there is a small car park and parking in nearby roads.  If you can let us know you are coming and if you need transport or are willing to be a lift carrier it would be grand so we do not pollute the world with too many cars.

So let us know you are coming men@mpowerchelmsford.org.uk or 07871 348174