CVM in Chelmsford

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cvmWho are CVM?

CVM is a National Evangelistic Men’s Movement whose vision is to win a million men to Christ. Started by Max Sinclair in the 1980’s it now has a staff team of around 10, with a number of Regional and Area coordinators dotted across the country looking after 500 member groups.

What is it that they do?

They partner with the local church to help them in their outreach initiatives in winning men to Christ. There are 3 ways that they do this:
– Help the church establish a Men’s Ministry and programme if they do not already have one.
– Run something called the 4 levels of evangelism which is a simple process to get started and get active in your outreach to men.
– Talk with church leaders as to how to create ‘man friendly church’.
They host conferences, events and men’s days all across the country as well as an annual Weekend Away.

You can check out CVMs website here to find out a bit more about them