MPower Boring Bits

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Oh  dear everything has small print now!

By registering or buying an event ticket your details will be held on a database.

We will only use this information to sort any issues with your ticket and to let you know about other up and coming things with MPower Chelmsford or Life Church.  We will not let these details be known to any third parties unless it is so we can complete what we need to do for you.  For example dealing with your payment with PayPal or ordering something for you.

If you want your details removed from this database please let us know by emailing

If you buy a ticket it is not refundable if we will lose money by refunding it to you.  For example, if we have ordered a nice bacon sandwich for you and then you cancel on the day we will have one very lonely bacon sandwich that has been paid for and the cost of the PayPal fee!  Therefore if you need to cancel the more notice you give the more likely we will be able help you. Tickets are transferable but please do let us know or we may get very confused!

Think that is it!